Share your experiences with fellow creators on a lightning talk at our „Social Media Creators & Influencer meetup“

We invite creators and influencers to share their stories with a group of like-minded people at our meetup.

A lightning talk is a short, 10-15min talk, in which you share your story and actions that made a difference on your journey. It should not be anything that needs preparation, as you’re talking about yourself. It should not take longer than 15mins, after which the participants can ask questions.

If you’re not a creator, but for example a brand, agency or product you’re also invited to suggest your topic about something that brings value to creators.

We’re not using a beamer or presentation on our events, as we want it to be conversational, and less full-frontal. If you think it doesn’t go without it let us know though!

Why should you do a lightning talk?

Your have the opportunity to lead a discussion with like-minded people

Not only will you find people who want to learn from you, but also participants who are at the same stage or you can partner with.

You will get promoted throughout our channels.

If you reach out to us in time we will announce you on our event listings, Instagram, LinkedIn & speaker gallery, which means long-term visibility for you as we’re a growing community.

Dinner, drinks & taxi ride is on us.

If you come a bit earlier the event host will get dinner for you (might be at a different place if the venue doesn’t have food). We’ll cover your drinks then throughout the night, and if you have to travel by taxi within the city we’ll cover the costs (if you give us/send us the invoice or bill us).

Join the speakers circle

We’re a community and we’re adding new offers regularly. Obivously we’re reaching out to our previous speakers if we need them. In June 2023 we’re starting coaching-sessions for community members, where we are asking previous speakers to make us an offer.

Rachid Zataar · Berlin #16 · raschidzaatar

Rachid sharing how he grew to 270k followers on TikTok with street comedy.

Eddie Jaoude · Lodon #6 · eddiejaoude

Taking the participants on a journey “How I went from £0 to £10k+ per month on Twitter”

Kevin Elezaj · Berlin #15 · kevinelezaj

Kevin talked about his journey building a fashion-related Instagram and business around it.

… and what should you pay attention to?

The talk is not a pitch session.

Give value instead. Share experiences. If you have something valuable to give, the audience will see it and approach you anyways.

If you have a “secret sauce”, …

… and want to keep to yourself unless you get hired: please keep it to yourself in the first place. This is an open environment where everyone is reasonably experienced.

The topic must be interesting to creators/influencers

Seems obvious? We thought so as well, but we got different suggestions. Please sell your crypto-coins on other meetups 😉

You can lead or tell us to lead.

Share experiences, start a discussion, it’s up to you how you want to lead the talk.

Kathi · London #2

She was sharing experiences she gained as one of the first TikTok employees in Europe and now running a TikTok agency

Dom · London #5 · tech_wizzdom

Dom shared his story on how he got from 500 to 100k followers within a month (a month afterwards he quit his job and

Jude ·· London #4

He was sharing lessons learned working with YouTubers with 15mio+ followers.

We would love to hear your topic, please suggest it here:

Lightning Talk (#7)

What do participants think of our meetups?

15. October 2022

It is an event that I attend since more than 3 years, and I only missed it once. It is great to connect with other content creators. Once in a while there are highly qualified speakers as well, who share great insights in their fields like: "how to master the YouTube algorithm" or "how to become a pro in editing" etc. If you are a content creator, you shouldn't miss it!

Witty Lemon
14. October 2022

Really a great Meetup for content creators like me. It is the only place I find so many like-minded people to share tips and ideas. The atmosphere is just great and very international. I will definitely come back!

Jay Free Media
10. October 2022

This was a great event. The environment was friendly and very informative. I hope to be able to go to the next event to display my results from the tips that were given. Thank You!!!

Jasmin Cevik
1. August 2022

In summer I had the opportunity to visit a social rising event and it was more then I expected. I’m really happy that I had the chance to have nice conversation and the opportunity to expend my network 🙌